Gutters are designed to maintain and redirect any water that falls onto your property, when your gutters are in bad condition, it can lead to issues like leaks and water damage. The gutters work in unison with the roof, and when one or the other is poorly maintained, those leaks and water damage can lead to even more serious problems like a roof collapse, subsidence, and the increased risk of fire.


OTE Gutter and Roofing, based in Surrey, are experts when it comes to the diagnosis and repair of all problems related to your roof and guttering system. We are also fully experienced in all forms of installation work; with the guarantee, it will be completed to industry standards.
Even if you are not sure what work your property needs, we can advise you on the best course of action and will offer the best experience from the moment we inspect your property to the moment we complete the work. We couple our customers with the service that perfectly fits their needs, standing by our work and our customers to ensure that their home’s gutters and roofing stay in great condition year-round.
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